Getting to know us – Deborah Roberts

We thought it might be nice to start this blog with a little interview from each of us, so here goes:

What’s your favourite item in your jewellery box?

This is a tricky one, but I would say a sapphire ring I brought in Thailand while on holiday with my co-blogger! I like the shape and the fact I managed to find a ring without diamonds with the sapphires! It is an infinity ring with no beginning or end. Always reminds me of my Asian adventure when I wear it.

Thailand purchase!

Thailand purchase!

What are you wearing today?

Today is a low-key jewellery day!  I’m wearing my essentials of silver drop earrings (Amazon bargain, more on this in a later post) with silver studs in my second piercing.  I have a long silver chain with my talisman on it, I always wear it even when sleeping but a recent trip to the gym resulted in near disaster…luckily the next day it turned up in a local shop…what are the chances!

Silver earrings

White gold or yellow gold?

Silver!  Silver is the metal I learned to make jewellery with, and what I use in my own work, I understand the qualities of the metal and am used to handling it, its so versatile I love the variety of items you can make in silver, I also like historical and contemporary silversmithing work.

Who’s your favourite jewellery designer today?

Daphne Krinos for her integral use of gemstones, and colour in her work.

What’s your jewellery style?

Bold, colourful costume jewellery, I enjoy adding a bit of character to a simple outfit through the use of jewellery.

How did you become interested in jewellery?

A life long magpie, I have been making jewellery since I was a child, and was always fascinated by the period jewels I saw on costume dramas, which led me to start buying vintage pieces in markets, but I never thought back then that it could be a career, so it was many years before I undertook my training, my first passion was gems though and I remember my trips to the Natural History Museum to buy rocks and crystals and postcards of all sparking gems I had just gazed at in their cases, this ambition took longer to realise than the jewellery, but I got there in the end and was able to study and work with gems.

I think jewellery is an affordable way (depending where you shop) to have fun with your look, you can always wear jewellery whatever size and age you are and it gives me a buzz to buy something new and wear it, jewellery is a feel good purchase.

Favourite holiday destination?

Currently that would have to be Marrakech which I discovered last year, It is a wonderfully vibrant colourful and creative place which I find stimulating and inspiring and I love their jewellery too!

What is your favourite gemstone and why?

As a gem lover it’s very hard to pick one, and it does change over time, currently my favourite is labradorite one of the gems of the feldspar group of minerals, usually cut as a cabochon, good specimens have a wonderful iridescence and depth to them, I am on the look out for a great piece of jewellery set with this intriguing stone, to add to my collection. I also love tourmaline included quartz. Hmm so hard to pick!

What was your last jewellery purchase?

Some charity shop bargains.

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