Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend…?

In the next few posts we’re going to take a closer look at diamonds.

Diamond in tweezers


Diamonds are notorious for their desirability and associated price tag, they are apparently a girl’s best friend, forever and a long standing essential in engagement rings.  Depending upon where you read the name comes from “Adamas” the ancient Greek word for “unconquerable” but other sources cite the name as meaning “indestructible.”  Either way because of its durability the diamond has been revered as far back as 800 B.C. in India which was the first major source of diamond and it’s easy to see why when you find out that they are the hardest natural substance found on Earth (10 on the mohs scale), impermeable to acids or solvents, with a melting point of an unimaginable (to my mind) 3547’C!

One of the more surprising facts about diamonds to my mind is the fact that whilst our high street and designer jewellers would be bereft without their bevy of brilliant cut beauties, the majority of mined, natural diamonds don’t actually get made into jewellery.

So what makes diamonds so desirable?  Of course, like most gemstones, they are rare, having been made over a billion years ago.  They are expensive to mine, it’s said that to produce one carat of diamond around 250 tons of earth will be mined.   They are expensive to facet, with around 50% of the original weight being lost during preparation.

Uncut diamonds were worn as talismans for protection in battle and to ward off illness, floods, thieves, evil spirits and even snakes, so depending upon your superstitious nature there may be nothing else that will do!


Picture from Wikipedia “Diamond”

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