Graduates in the Spotlight

The jewellery industry appears to be thriving, despite the recession and having endured rising precious metal prices, we are always delighted to see the inspired and ingenious designs of jewellery appearing around us.  The only way to maintain the future of the industry is to harness the energy of up and coming jewellery designers, something we actively support, so we were particularly excited to hear about a competition to promote a graduate jewellery designer.

The Nude Jewellery boutique, based in Mayfair,  London;  is running a competition to help them decide which recent graduate jewellery designer should feature in their store window.  They have narrowed the contest down to the final three and would like your help to decide who should win!

The finalists are:

Dovile Bertulyte – a London based jewellery designer, whose featured work is from the “Fear of Darkness” collection, which is fabulously textured and invokes genuine recollections of bad dreams past, and is a brilliantly accurate nod to the shadows that lurk in the dark.  A real contrast to the typical saccharin fantasy styles it is so refreshing to see this aspect of life as inspiration.  The use of silver plated bronze gives a great look to the work and you know how we adore unusual material in jewellery design, so promises of a forthcoming silicone collection sound really exciting.




Frank Luckhamthis collection of rings is inspired in part by Barbara Hepworth sculpture, they challenge assumptions about the shape a ring should be and are cast in angular designs.  Luckham has been working on the concept of form over function and it cannot be denied that these will cause a stir when worn, we love the idea that these could be effectively displayed as mini sculpture!  We’ve never tried anything similar so really look forward to trying out this style, and the prospect of his exploration of texture in future work.




Agnieszka Maksymiuk – as Artist in Residence at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, Agnieszka may have used that city as inspiration as her designs, which explore the connection between the natural and urban worlds.  These beautifully tactile pieces are real storytellers, it feels as though each piece is made for a particular individual and needs exploring to fully appreciate the intricate detail.  In the future we are promised experiments with enamel which, if existing work is an indication, is an intriguing prospect.




All three finalists make spectacular items, and have unique designs with strikingly different styles, so join us in casting your vote to see who will have their work showcased at Nude Jewellery.  To help you decide we would encourage you to check out the blog post about the competition and explore further; in particular the interviews with the finalists make great reading.

The vote and interviews can be found on the Nude Jewellery blog, but be quick, it closes in a week!  Please don’t ask who each of us voted for…mainly because we haven’t yet made our decision!


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