Guilt free jewellery – the charitable approach!

You may recall our previous post about charity wristbands, well we decided to expand our search of charitable support with a look at the jewellery in our local high street in North London.  Whilst we live in slightly different areas, one thing British high streets are not short of is charity shops!

We enjoyed our little excursion (although as always taking a buggy into charity shops on a Saturday is a bit traumatic!) and what we found was pretty surprising.  The range varied extensively, starting with the sublime at our local Cancer Research shop which has a great range of jewellery, including some brand new pieces.  We thought this was a really fantastic example of what a great contribution to fundraising jewellery could be.  There were some lovely items and a variety of styles, but what we thought was crucial was the fact that they managed to tap into the current style of chunk jewellery rather than simply being a mass of out dated older style jewellery.  The jewellery here was also really well displayed, definitely the best display we found on the high street (and I include some of the non-charity shops in this too!) which is difficult when your product is not a uniform style.


Our local British Heart Foundation store came a close second – we weren’t allowed to take a picture of their display for the purpose of the blog but they had a good display of new jewellery, including some fabulous beaded bracelets.


Sadly not all our local stores were such shining examples of jewellery magnificence…I am not convinced about the merits of a large box of tangled jewellery which was how a nameless store decided to display it’s wares!


That said I did managed to dig out a leaf pendant:


but even our pair of bargain magpies couldn’t salvage anything else from the mess, we did try to buy the whole box to see if there was anything salvageable (I am certain the jewellery makers amongst you would find many great opportunities in here) but it was individual items only unfortunately!


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