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Simply charming…

We’re not sure what started it, but the upsurge in charm bracelets over the last few years has been astonishing.  Nearly every high street jeweller has brought out their own range, and some jewellers such as Pandora have based almost their entire business on the trend with over 600 individual charms available ranging in price from over £500 down to around £30.

Traditionally charm bracelets would be worn as a form of protection featuring amulets, and we’ll be talking about the history of charms in another post.  They have been in and out of fashion through the ages since ancient times, more recent fashion trends for charm bracelets followed the introduction of the iconic Tiffany charm bracelet in 1889, and during the second World War.  The idea was to  take the bracelet and embellish with charms personal to the wearer, they were traditionally bought on special occasions or given as gifts so the wearer would gradually build up a collection.  An example of an older charm bracelet and some of the charms is below:




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The recent trend for charm bracelets has a different approach, with a tendency to feature bead like charms which are interchangeable even between brands which makes them really easy to individualise.  We’ve mentioned Pandora above, but Chamilia and Trollbeads are also popular brands.

There are still plenty of the more traditional style charm bracelets around.  Tiffany still make the more traditional style charms in a range of metals ranging in price from £1,825 to £65,  something to suit every price range!  However, we’ve also found that Etsy and Notonthehighstreet are great places to find the unusual, and unexpected when it comes to charms.  These tend to be pre-created themed charm bracelets, with themes as favourite films, pets, tv shows and hobbies which makes them a fantastic gift for anyone with a passion.  We also really love the quirky style of Aaron Basha and I have a personal favourite in these studded baby shoes.

We’ve also discovered a really unusual take on the charm trend too, with charms being added to more unusual items, such as these fantastic kilt pin brooches featuring charms from Hashtag Love on Etsy, we’ve picked a couple that might suit us to show you:

Hashtag Love - Etsy - Knitting charm brooch                 Hashtag Love - Etsy - wine charm brooch


These not only have the on trend charms, but stand out as a quirky and personal highly visible brooch which we love and is a great way to #bringbackthebrooch!


An evening in Nude….Jewellery

Sorry about the title, we just couldn’t resist!  We were lucky enough to be invited along to Nude Jewellery last month to celebrate the relaunch of this amazing boutique in the heart of Mayfair.  The store showcases the best of up and coming contemporary designers and a trip to the store is akin to visiting a gallery, there’s a real range of texture, material and style.  It’s located in a lovely leafy square and on a sunny summer afternoon it was a great part of London to be in.






Naturally greeting us with cupcakes and bubbles tends to go down well (note to future friends 😉 ) but having admired Nude Jewellery from afar it was really great to meet Nikki and Clara and explore the store.




What is particularly lovely about Nude is the level of knowledge they have about their jewellery and designers, it’s a really personal approach and this is clearly something that is important to the owner Nikki Galloway.  Her drive to bring new designers to the public means that there is an ecclectic mix, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Particular highlights for us were:

Discovering the amazing design talents of Rosie May – her delicate functional designs are unique and interesting.  Miniature cogs and spokes that can be rearranged by the wearer.  These have an amazing finish and thank you to Clara for doing a fab demo for us.




DSCN0432 (2)



It was hard to choose where to look next, but this fabulous Vesper collection by Cara Tonkin caught our eye, it’s a really unusual style made up of swinging strands of silver chain oxidised in part to give a cascade of shadow.   The bracelet was amazing to try, it can be attached to a chain to convert it into a statement necklace too which is amazing.  It’s a really striking collection, very weighty and the movement from the pieces is really appealing.  They are real red carpet pieces at first glance, but they would actually set off pretty much any outfit – incredibly versatile.





Having enjoyed the entries for the Nude Jewellery Graduates in the Spotlight competition I had been particularly looking forward to seeing Dovile Bertulyte’s work in the flesh, and it was well worth the wait!  They really are brilliantly designed and truly creepy, they have a surprising weight to them and I couldn’t really not try one on!




There were so many fantastic designs we can’t possibly mention them all, a special word for the Spin collection  (below) which was stunning:







The acrylic and lace pieces were a really unusual take on jewellery, we loved the light yet chunky effect.  We haven’t seen much in this sort of style before, they are particularly interesting as each piece is individual.



The Crevice collection by Jessica Nam also captured our focus because it has such a contemporary look which really draws the eye into the gems.




The Skyline collection pieces were mini works of art, really incredible




I wish I’d taken a closer look at the Lava collection by Carina De Jager, and the Andrew O’Dell collection but my husband is grateful (for the sake of our mortgage payments) that I didn’t invest in my favourite piece…I’ve got it on my wish list

To be fair it was hard to find anything not to like about any of the jewellery in store when we visited.  As a designer herself we had a chat with Nikki and we look forward to sharing this with you in a future post!

Styling challenge #1 – summer wardrobe

Whatever you’re doing this summer you’re sure to want to liven up your summer wardrobe with some jewellery.  To help we’ve styled up a basic white t-shirt and jeans in two different ways to give you some inspiration.

This is the outfit we started with:



The first style is from the high street at H&M and is all about bright summer colours, both contrasting and complementing the outfit:



A bright necklace livens up the plain tshirt, and the bangles tie all the colours together:


DSCN0394                  DSCN0393


The earrings finally finish off the outfit with complementing colours.  The earrings are understated to draw the colours together without making being overpowering.



The second style is also about contrasts, but more the contrast of material rather than colour, it’s an edgier style, less beach and more ‘Camden on holiday,’ but also from the high street.



The chunky necklace is a mix of colours, sizes and materials, the matching bracelet has a fantastic contrast including a cotton type friendship bracelet, it’s a single piece but you could easily put something similar together with items you already own.

DSCN0415                 DSCN0413

We’ve added bangles on the other wrist for a further embellishment, but these could be left out, they are layered with two bangles to maintain the heavyset, metallic style.


Again we’ve kept the earrings simple, so as not to overload the look.



Keeping the earrings simple and not using any rings means that the look isn’t ridiculous or overpowering, in the words of Coco Chanel:

Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.”

(Adventures through the Loupe’s top tip: don’t put it on in the first place 😉 )